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The Colorado Family Guidance mission statement is to create a compassionate, authentic and caring environment to help facilitate the growth and development of each client.

 Seeking help isn’t always easy. That’s why Kim Philia, Licensed Professional Counselor, enlists the support of dogs. Dogs provide a special connection that helps the child/youth feel comfortable and at ease.

This is not your typical therapy office. It creates an empathic environment which provides comfort to the client.

Please note, animals are only used in the session when the client desires to incorporate them.

What We Do

Kim Philia, LPC has worked with children and their families for over 25 years and have been a therapist for nine years. I have two primary areas. 1) Kim often works with parents and youth to decrease emotional behavioral difficulties (e.g., anxiety, depression, social isolation, addiction, defiance, ADHD, trauma, self-harm, attachment issues, and family conflict) and strengthen the youth to develop healthy behaviors, increased self-awareness, and a positive self-concept. 2) Kim also specialize in treating sexual addiction, trauma, abuse, marriage problems, relationship conflicts, anxiety, and depression.

Your privacy is very important. To feel respected, Kim also offers phone and online (web) consultations.

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